Get going with Elixir

Stuck at home and want to make the most of it?

Here's your chance to help fighting COVID-19 while helping yourself grow as well. Learn about Elixir, a functional programming language with a focus on community, usability and productiveness, that you don't need a type theory PhD to use!

The workshop will be divided into 8 live sessions of about 2h each, at around 5/6pm UTC+1. There will also be some "homework" which will help solidify what is discussed in the live sessions.

All of the proceedings from this workshop will be donated to a COVID-19 charity

Here's an idea of the schedule for the workshop, which is flexible depending on the class:

  • Day 1 - Start slow, Elixir syntax, basic types, immutability
  • Day 2 - Pattern matching, multiple dispatching, and other cool Elixir base features
  • Day 3 - Streams, Structs, Protocols, Behaviors, compile vs run time
  • Day 4 - OTP Applications, Processes, Tasks
  • Day 5 - Supervisors, Supervision Tree, Registry
  • Day 6 - Dynamic Supervisors, ETS, GenServer
  • Days 7 & 8 - Phoenix (including LiveView)


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